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Much better than creating waste using oil absorbing rice paper sheets. You can conveniently carry the roller in your purse or pocket. Sharon B. Shop now

Say Goodbye to That Pesky Shine on Your Skin

Say goodbye to excess oil using our Sebum-Control Volcanic Roller. Effortlessly maintain a matte look and keep your skin fresh all day with this easy-to-carry essential. Perfect for quick touch-ups over makeup, this environmentally friendly, recyclable roller is both effective and eco-conscious.

Instant Results

Our Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Roller eliminates excess oil in an instant, giving you a shine-free complexion whenever you need it.


Not only eliminates excess oil but also offers a gentle mini face massage, making your skincare routine a delightful experience.

Eco and Budget-Friendly

It is reusable, providing an eco-conscious and economical solution for oily skin, unlike single-use blotting papers.

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